NBA Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets, Utah Jazz discussing Ty Lawson, Trey Burke swap

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NBA Trade Rumors – Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz have created some traction over the rumored swap of Ty Lawson and Trey Burke.

The trade rumors have been floating around for over the last 24 hours with the Houston Rockets’ players being linked to several other teams. A new report state that both the Rockets and Jazz want to swap point guards. If the deal is finalized, Lawson will make his way to Utah while Trey Burke and another player will come to Houston, as reported by ESPN.

Utah has been searching for a veteran point guard for a long time and Lawson could fit perfectly in their plans, despite the move proving to be a gamble with the controversial Lawson. Jazz have to add another player in the deal to make the salaries work.

“There are rumors every day. You can’t really feed too much into it, and we’ll see what happens.” Lawson said to ESPN about the latest NBA trade rumors.

Lawson has struggled throughout his first season in Houston. The Rockets pay $12.4 million to Lawson and his contract includes an increase to $13.2 million next year.

Trey Burke is paid $2.7 million this season by Utah and his pay will increase to $3.4 million next year. To balance the salaries as per NBA trade rules, Utah has to add another player in the deal.

Trevor Booker is the name floating around who could accompany Burke to Houston. Booker earns $4.8 million and his addition would match the salaries required in the NBA trade rumors.

Lawson has been unable to gain a regular starting spot for the Houston Rockets and averages around 6.3 points and 3.6 assists per game this season.

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