NBA: Warriors’ championship ring has one “glowing” feature

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What’s cooler than getting an NBA championship ring?

Getting an NBA championship ring made in almost ¼ pound of gold and encrusted in 240 diamonds.

But there’s more.

These rings were created with one very distinct feature… DIAMONDS THAT GLOW UNDER BLACK LIGHT.

1028-steph-curry-ring-2The rings were designed and carefully crafted by luxury jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills — whose clients include some 250 active NBA players.

The unveiling took place Tuesday night in the Warriors’ season-opener versus the Charlotte Hornets and it was nothing short of spectacular that drew ooohs and ahhhs from everyone in attendance.

According to an earlier report by San Francisco Chronicle, part of the ring’s design include the Bay Bridge logo – made of 67 percent gold, a depiction of Oracle Arena’s architecture, as viewed at roof level, and the numbers 1975 and 2015, representing the team’s NBA championship years in the Bay Area.

The 240 stones set in the ring reflect the 240 victories posted by Golden State since co-owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber took over the team.

Each player’s last name and uniform number is engraved. Sixteen princess stones are set on top of the ring to represent the 16 wins the team posted in the postseason.

The “glow in the dark” feature is specifically for the sake of authentication. Every player’s ring has four fluorescent diamonds, can only be seen under black light. The number symbolizes the four NBA title the Warriors have won in franchise history, including those they’ve won while in Philadelphia in 1946-47 and 1955-56.

Add to that the box the ring comes with given to each player in which the ring can spin slowly on a motorized turntable, illuminated by built-in lights.

This is only the second time the celebrity jeweler has ventured into American sports championship. They also designed the Los Angeles Lakers’ rings for their back-to-back titles in 2009 and ’10.

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