New York Yankees believe Russell Wilson a better role model than Cam Newton

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The New York Yankees wants its players to look at Russell Wilson instead of Cam Newton as a role model.

The New York Yankees are the most media scrutinized team in American professional sports history. Hence, they want their players to leave aside their attitude while playing for the jersey and be more humble.

The prestigious baseball organization from New York wants to instill a proper decorum amongst its players which will reproduce proper postgame interviews. They do not want the recent trend of aggressive athlete reactions to be the norm within and outside the Yankee Stadium, as reported by

As the spring training draws near, the Yankees have found Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson as the perfect role model as opposed to Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers.

“During the Yankees’ media training, the Super Bowl is being used to portray the right and wrong way to act.” Andrew Marchand of ESPN tweeted.

It’s very important for athletes to quench their adrenaline rush after the game when they are interacting with the media. Sports fans are well aware of this as they frequently witness outbursts from athletes after a game. The fact is highlighted even more by Newton’s abrupt exit during his interview.

Russell Wilson however has gained praise from all sections of the media and society for his politeness. Wilson may be a polite figure to the media, but his teammate Richard Sherman was highly criticized for his postgame outburst.

The New York Yankees want their players to be tight lipped. However, it may be a monumental task since the Yankees are constantly burdened with media pressure. It might be too much heat for some of the players to bear.

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