NFL 2015 Best Wide Receiver is Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins? ‘I’m the Best’

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DeAndre Hopkins

It’s just his third season in the NFL but the Houston Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins is holding nothing back on his confidence to himself and he is letting the world know about what he thinks.

“I think I’m the best wide receiver in the NFL,” said Hopkins during an interview with

“I work hard. I’ve wanted to put myself in that position to be the best wide receiver in the NFL, and I definitely think I’m putting my foot forward to make that claim. I think I have the best hands in the NFL. Not because I’m full of myself, but I think if you look at drops over the past three years, I’d say I’m at the top of that list,” added Hopkins.

Hopkins, who is currently 3rd in the NFL in yards and just second in touchdowns would probably have some validation to back up his claim.

So far, Hopkins has grabbed 97 percent of all the possible catches since 2012 up to present. He also had his second 1,000-yard season and is set to break the Texans’ record

When people say I have the best hands, that means you’re the most consistent person at catching the football in the NFL. Most footballs that come your way, you’re going to come down with the completion. That’s exactly what that means.”

With all that, the 23-year-old Hopkins had been doing it with a deep team which includes the names of Jones, Brown, Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant and a few others.

The Texans’ clearly had a great steal with Hopkins and to think he was drafted at 27th overall from Clemson College.

The Houston Texans currently hold a 6-6 record in which they have won 4 of their last five games. They will be facing the Patriots, Colts, Titans and the Jaguars in the next few days.

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