NFL 2015: Packers Re-Sign Mike Daniels for $42M for 4 Years

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Green Bay, Wisconsin –  The Green Bay Packers has made Mike Daniels one of the highest paid 3-4 defensive ends in the NFL by rewarding him with a $42M contract, good for 4 years.

The 25-year-old Mike Daniels, drafted by the Packers in 2012 as 132nd pick in the 4th round, has accomplished beyond the expectations of what his team has been asking from him.

Currently, Daniels is providing the Packers with 41 tackles and 4.0 sacks this season. In his career, Daniels has 17.5 sacks in the past three seasons combined, including playoffs.

With the fear that ego may get into his head with the a huge contract, Daniels promised to their supporters that he will continue what he does best.

”It doesn’t change the fact that I had to grind to get to where I’m at,” Daniels said.

”Success is just a product of the work I’m doing. I’ll just keep on working.”

Daniels was due to become one of the top and most coveted free agents at the end of the season but the Packers’ General Manager, Ted Thompson, didn’t not wait for that to happen and offered the line backer a new contract.

Though known as a temperamental athlete, his defensive coordinator, Dom Capers, sees otherwise, noting Daniels’ temperaments are his strengths.

”He’s got a great defensive temperament,” Capers said.

”He has the quickness and acceleration to get off the block and make a play … He does all the things he asks you as a coach.”

With everything set in black-and-white, Daniels can now focus on the current season and not worry about where he will be heading at the end of the NFL season.

”It’s here, it’s done. My name is on the paper. I’ve got to play against Oakland,” Daniels said. ”Seriously, that’s where I’m at.”

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