Super Bowl 50: Cam Newton touched by MVP curse? Poor play speaks different story

Cam Newton (Photo courtesy: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons)

Cam Newton stopped by Denver Broncos’ “Orange Crush” defense and failed to gain his rhythm in Super Bowl 50.

Does the Associated Press most valuable player award hold a curse for quarterbacks in the Super Bowl?

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton became the latest member of the club to join the growing list of players in his position to have won the MVP but gone on to lose the Super Bowl.

With an awful statistic of quarterbacks now going 6-13 after winning the most valuable player, was Cam Newton really doomed by the curse, or did the imposing Denver Broncos defense put an end to his dominance in the league this season?

Before the game even kicked off, ABC News dished out statistics and trends throughout the season that Newton should be worried about, including his inconsistency and having the Denver Broncos as his toughest matchup of the season.

The article resulted in a precise, pin-point prediction of the sub-par performance experience of Cam Newton in Super Bowl 50: the most valuable player threw an atrocious 18 of 41 receptions and fumbled the ball twice despite throwing for 265 yards to outduel Peyton Manning (141 yards) in total yards gained.

Cam Newton (Photo courtesy: Pantherfan11/Wikimedia Commons)

Cam Newton (Photo courtesy: Pantherfan11/Wikimedia Commons)

More importantly, Newton was stopped by the stifling “Orange Crush” defense of the Denver Broncos by getting sacked six times during the course of the game. DeMarcus Ware and Super Bowl MVP Von Miller put Newton through an assortment of defenses that put him out of rhythm throughout the match.

Simply put, Newton was not only blinded by the bright lights of the Super Bowl, but the circumstances of playing the Denver Broncos did not help his cause.

The 26-year old Newton joins the likes of Kurt Warner (2001), Rich Gannon (2002), Tom Brady (2007), and Peyton Manning (2009 with the Indianapolis Colts; 2013 with the Denver Broncos) as quarterbacks to have lost the Super Bowl after being named the season’s most valuable player.

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