NFL News: Cincinnati Bengals QB Andy Dalton loses luggage, once again

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Andy Dalton, quarterback of Cincinnati Bengals is facing some torrid times with his luggage. It was last Wednesday when the Bengals quarterback and his wife took to social media to ask for help regarding “Bag Search 2016” after their suitcases fell out of their truck on the highway.

Fortunately, within 12 hours, the couple was united with their belongings. However, happiness was not permanent for the duo.

Andy Dalton doesn’t seem to catch a break regarding his luggage. But, the 28-year-old was fortunate enough to receive a quick reply from the airline.

According to reports, the luggage was on the way to the Daltons by Tuesday morning.

Anyone who has travelled at least once in their life and had the bad experience of missing luggage will relate to the frustrations Andy Dalton and his wife had to go though. Dealing with missing luggage once can be tough, but going through the same experience twice can be devastating.

Andy Dalton has maintained a poor record for the Cincinnati Bengals this season. The Bengals have lost all the four playoff games in which Dalton started.

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