NFL News: Houston Texans WR Jaelen Strong arrested for smoking weed

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Jaelen Strong

NFL player and Houston Texans wide receiver Jaelen Strong has been arrested because of Marijuana possession. The arrest was made in Scottsdale, Arizona. Strong admitted of smoking weed without having a medical card.

The NFL has a strict code on marijuana and forbids any of its players from using it. With this arrest Strong has a difficult situation on hands and his future in the game looks uncertain, as reported by ABC.

According to reports, Strong was found driving a car without license plates and was pulled over by the police. The police smelled marijuana in the car and the NFL player admitted to be smoking weed without a medical card. He handed over a cigar box containing three marijuana cigarettes. Jaelen Strong was accompanied by his former ASU teammate and current NFL team Green Bay Packers cornerback Damarious Randall.

Strong was immediately booked and was sent to jail. However, the NFL prospect was released later. Randall was released at the scene.

Getting arrested for possessing marijuana may not be the direst of offenses one can commit, but the Texans won’t be pleased with the actions of its WR. Strong was a third-round pick in the NFL Draft last year.

Strong was found overweight after the draft and was only able to have 14 catches and 161 yards in his rookie season. The Texans were hoping the 22-year-old would make a comeback and have a bright future, but the recent act of his could jeopardize any chances moving forward.

According to reports, the vehicle Strong was in had two other occupants. Randall was identified but the name of the third person is still unknown.

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