Trump favored by Kraft and Brady; fans criticize Patriots’ owner and QB

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It seems that the New England Patriots locker room is filled with Donald trump enthusiasts. After Tom Brady revealed his admiration for the American politician, it was the time for the Patriots owner Robert Kraft to reveal his emotions towards the 69-year-old.

Kraft had some emotional words for the Republican presidential front-runner. Although Kraft refused to officially endorse Trump, he said that he considers the man from Queens, New York City as “a very close friend”, as reported by The Boston Globe.

“While I am not comfortable discussing politics publicly, I am very comfortable talking about my friendships with people who happen to be in politics.” Kraft said.

Kraft, who supported Obama in 2012 said that both he and Trump had a lot of fun together back in 2005. The Patriots owner had the privilege of attending Trump’s and Melania’s wedding.

Both the personalities have been involved in a number of philanthropic events. Trump has also been very supportive and has stood beside the 74-year-old Kraft during his tough times.

“After my wife passed in 2011, he was one of the few people who went out of their way and went above and beyond to assist me through the most difficult time of my life. I will always be grateful to him.” Kraft mentioned.

Despite both Kraft and Brady denying any political alliances with Trump, their statements have received negative criticism from the Massachusetts fanbase. Most of the people from Massachusetts are liberal-leaning and have tagged Kraft and Brady as tone-deaf in regards to Trump.

“I don’t think they’re in tune with what’s going on. I also care for Kraft and I don’t understand what Kraft’s doing.” Eugene Huffman, a worker with underprivileged children at Roxbury Presbyterian Church, a program funded by Kraft said, as reported by Fox Sports.

It has to be noted that Trump has a history with the team from Greater Boston. In 1988 the Sullivans, who owned the team back then approached Trump regarding the purchase of the Patriots.

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