Super Bowl 50: Is Cam Newton a victim of double-standard? Twitter reacts to press conference walkout

Cam Newton (Photo courtesy: Pantherfan11/Wikimedia Commons)

Cam Newton drew mixed reactions from celebrities and fans alike on the walkout during the post-game press conference, but reveals deeper double-standard.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton saw his storybook ending to a great 2015 NFL season put to waste after a disappointing 10-24 finish in Super Bowl 50 against the Denver Broncos.

Newton, the season’s most valuable player, had an off-night in throwing an atrocious 18 of 41 receptions and fumbled the ball twice despite throwing for 265 yards. He also fumbled the ball six times against the crushing defensive line of the Denver Broncos, led by eventual Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.

As with any sports athlete that experiences an off-game, especially in the biggest game of the season, Cam Newton was less than chipper in addressing the media following the loss.

Here is a quick transcript of his very quick press conference, from Sports Illustrated analyst Aaron Nagler:

It must be pointed out that Cam Newton walked out of the Q&A portion after a reporter asked if he was disappointed for his teammates considering how close they’d become that year.

With his actions, users on Twitter gave their two cents on the actions made by the Panthers’ starting quarterback:

However, this tweet by actor Rob Lowe stood out:

But then this reaction quickly backfired on Lowe, as other Twitter users were quick to uncover Lowe’s shady past, which included a molestation case in 1988.

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However, football analysts have seen a disconnect between Cam Newton walking off a press conference and a similar situation with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in 2013.

Marlow Stern of The Daily Beast pointed out the double-standard by the media and fans alike, saying that “when New England Patriots QB Tom Brady not only walked out of a presser, but—gasp!—cursed after a tough loss to the Miami Dolphins in 2013, the sports-loving press and public barely lifted a Twitter finger” following the incident.

Photo courtesy: Pantherfan11/Wikimedia Commons

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