NFL Trade: Robert Griffin III May Return as Redskins QB Backup

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While the Redskins seem adamant about protecting its quarterback depth, there is every possibility that Robert Griffin III will remain on the roster beyond the Nov. 3 trade deadline, reports, the CBS Sports.

Reports suggest that there is no word about moving or transferring Griffin, who has been courting controversies for the last four years in Washington.

Sources claim, “Scot [McCloughan] does not want to trade him. He really doesn’t. That’s not something he is even thinking about. He’s still getting to learn about him and what he can do and what he’s all about. This kid was the 2012 Rookie of the Year for a reason and you don’t just fall into that stuff. He’s not giving up hope on him.”

Griffin has already been guaranteed his 2016, $16 million, salary despite injuries, and office says that this puts rest to all rumors floating around.

The Management doesn’t see him to be a problem child after his negative comments and actions on social media platforms. The previous reports suggest that there might have been some dissension between Robert and the Kirk Cousins. But sources said, “No one is mad at Robert for anything — it’s nothing like that. The Kirk Cousins got a chance to play when Robert got hurt and he won the job. But it’s a long season.”

The Washington Post suggests there is no palpable tension between Griffin and the Kirks. Apparently, Grifin has been handling his demotion, rather, better than anticipated. The officials believes that the Redskins are on the upswing and for the first time, the team is devoid of any in-mate strife situation.

The management feels that Griffin is friendly with the Kirk Cousins after seeing them hangout after practice sessions.

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