NFL Trade: Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson considering dealing No. 1 draft pick

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Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson has been bombarded with advice from fans regarding who he should consider for the first overall pick at the upcoming NFL Draft.

“They’re all under consideration at this point.” Robinson said, as reported by

The Titans have the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft, in addition to the No. 33 and No. 64 picks. They also have one picks from the fourth, fifth and seventh rounds of the draft. The NFL is a high stakes game and Titans have some valuable chips under their belt.

Before joining the Titans, Robinson spent time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New England Patriots. Aside from speaking with fans, he has also spoken with other NFL teams regarding his top pick.

Titans are coming off a 3-13 season and require plenty of drafting in order to hope for a better season ahead. Keeping this in mind Robinson has only one philosophy moving ahead, “consider all options”.

The scouting team of the Titans gathered at the Saint Thomas Sports Park last week to put together a game plan for the upcoming draft. The entire team is trying to use up every inch of time offered to evaluate all the players available before taking their pick.

The Titans scouting and coaching staff along with Robinson will head to the NFL Combine next week in Indianapolis.

“I know different teams do it different ways. You just want to get all that information on the table and talk in terms about how those players would fit our team on the field.” Robinson said.

Robinson has also stated that the players who will represent the Tennessee Titans must be tough and have the passion and eagerness to fight for the team on Sundays.

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