Novak Djokovic is ‘unbeatable’, Serbian ‘making history’: David Ferrer

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Novak Djokovic (Photo courtesy: globalite/Wikimedia Commons)

One of the top players in the ATP tour, David Ferrer has all but given up about the others’ chances against current top player Novak Djokovic, whom the Spaniard described as “unbeatable” and a player who is “making history” at this point of his career.

“At the moment, [Novak Djokovic] is unbeatable. It has marked differences, he is the World No. 1, almost every tournament he has played, he has won,” Ferrer said in Spanish to canchallena.lanacion.com.

Ferrer jokingly added that he hoped that Djokovic’s level of play will go down a bit and said that the ATP season is “long” and that other players might have a chance of bringing down the World No. 1

“All three have had sensational seasons. But no doubt that Novak is making history,” Ferrer added referring to the previous big three of Djokovic, former World No. 1 Roger Federer and compatriot Rafael Nadal.

Ferrer also said that he is satisfied with what he has accomplished in his career and excited to play in his third Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil later this year.

“Tennis gave me more than what I could hope. I am very grateful for what I lived, for what I am living and for what it’s left… you find for good luck and I had it so much, I can’t complain,” the 33-year-old Ferrer, who came close to winning a Grand Slam in 2013, stated about his tennis experience.

Djokovic has dominated the men’s singles competition the last two years and winning five of the last seven Grand Slam tournaments on schedule.

Photo courtesy: globalite/Wikimedia Commons

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