ONE Championship: Ben Askren Narrates How Luis Santos Eluded Their Rematch Fight

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In what ONE Championship welterweight whampion Ben “Funky” Askren initially stated that the story of Luis “Sapo” Santos was too unbelievable to text, he preferred to grieve out his disappointment through a 6-minute video in his official Facebook account.

There, he stated that after their first match last April 24 in Manila which ended with a “no contest” due to an accidental poke in the eye, he agreed to do a rematch at the earliest time possible. ONE Championship suggested that they do it in June but Sapo said that his eye was still recovering. Askren then suggested to fight in July and Sapo declined once again for the same reason. September was also suggested but Sapo “refused” to fight in September and it was until November that he wanted to fight Askren.


Askren agreed but during the weigh-in of the recently concluded “ONE: Pride of Lions”, Sapo was overweight by initially four pounds. Santos was given more time to cut more weight but still failed to make weight by two more pounds and practically gave up to loose more.
Title fight was waived off but Askren still wanted to fight and gave the condition that he can’t be over 185 pounds during fight time. Askren then received a call from Santos’ camp stating that he cannot control his weight gain.

Still hopeful for a fight, Askren gave another condition to Santos to fight at 190 pounds and Sapo’s camp agreed.

According to Askren’s friend, “Gerald”, who texted some messages to him and said that Sapo was having breakfast for 90 minutes.

A girl in the lobby was approached by Askren, who was affiliated with Sapo’s camp, told him that Santos’ is on his way to the hospital and ONE Championship doesn’t know about it.
ONE Championship then sent a representative to the hospital to check on Santos and the doctors said to him that he is fine and everything was normal.

Santos was asked to weigh-in again to see if he met the 190-pound requirement and he was overweight once again by four pounds. He was asked to shed the weightbut he refused to do so.

Askren’s full video can be viewed here.


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