One FC 2015: Chi Lewis Parry Bails Out vs Brandon Vera; New Opponent For Heavyweight Title Revealed

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Brandon Vera

In just a whim, the landscape of the inaugural Heavyweight Championship bout at One Championship: Spirit of Champions this coming December 11 has been changed with Chi-Lewis Parry failing to meet the medical requirements for the fight against Brandon “The Truth” Vera.

In a Facebook post by One Championship CEO Victor Cui, he stated the following:

After multiple requests made by ONE Officials directly to Chi Lewis Parry and his Manager over the last few weeks, Chi has failed to submit his medical results and his drug tests for the fight this Friday. Additionally, he decided not to board the plane departing from London to Manila. He will not be fighting this Friday.

The next top heavyweight contender, Paul Cheng will be stepping in for the World Championship fight against Brandon Vera. Can China claim its first ever Heavyweight World Champion or will the hometown hero make it a storybook win for Filipinos?


In just a short while, Vera had a very mouthful reaction on his Facebook account; read the transcript below.

“Chi ‘b**** ass’ Lewis ‘v*****-c***’ Parry. You’re a f****** coward bro. You asked for the fight, you beg for the fight, you got the fight, then you decide to miss the first press conference, not show up on your flight and you decide to not show your medical records or send your medial records in. Than, ONE’s at the airport tonight to pick you up but oh, you didn’t get on your flight again. Somewhere in your twisted-ass mind you want to blame it on everyone else that you’re a f****** c***. You’re a b**** bro. You are what’s wrong with the world today. Guys who talk the talk, think they’re tough as shit but actually have no balls. You’re not a man. In any organization that continues to use you, or decides to use you is a shit organization as well. F*** you for the rest of your life. Go back to playing with balls.”

“F****** c***. I hope you get hit by a bus. And if not, if you’re still talking s***, if you still believe you can beat me, send me your address, send me the gym that you’re at. After I’m done here in Manila, before I go home for Christmas, I’m gonna come to you. And we’ll f****** scrap there. If you want to be safe we can put shin guards, gloves and headgear on. If you want to get down we can do no gloves. You’re a b**** bro. I feel bad for your wife, she aint even with a man.”

“Paul, Mr. Paul Cheng, thank you for stepping up. You are the number two seed for the title shot. I appreciate you coming in and putting on a show with me, here in Manila. Parry, again, one more time, f*** you!”

Cheng carries a record of 5-1 and is currently undefeated in the One Championship ring.

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