ONE FC 2015: Chi Lewis-Parry Reveals Truth About Brandon Vera Fight; ‘One Ripped My Shot’

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Chi Lewis-Parry
Twitter/Chi Lewis-Parry

The plot thickens as Chi Lewis-Parry comes out in the open to air out his side of the story after being scratched off the One Championship: Spirit of Champions main event match against Brandon “The Truth” Vera.

As stated by Victor Cui, Chi Lewis-Parry failed to deliver his medical records that are required prior to his upcoming fight against Vera.  Vera then posted a mouthful message to Lewis-Parry by labeling him as a coward and other words of profanity.

Chi Lewis-Parry then stated the following message in his social media account (which was deleted afterwards) stating:

Dear friends. As I forewarned, One Championship have ripped my shot off my grasp. They pretended that Paul Cheng was travelling to Manila JUST for media obligations and lied to every single fans! Now they have made up their excuse (which has taken them days to form) and are blaming me for bogus accusations. It’s disgusting that an organisation claiming to be one of the top competitors in the world are happy to pull stunts like this. Remember, I called this days ago! One failed to respond with the truth now they blame me. Legal action is to follow and the exploitation and misrepresentation of fighter/athletes will stop at One Championship for good! I’m sorry for the fans that had been lied to by Victor Cui and One.

Following Chi Lewis-Parry’s Twitter account,you will see that he has been monitoring the bizarre sequence of events following the formal cancellation of Victor Cui.

Right now, there are no sources that are saying that the Vera vs Lewis-Parry fight will be held again in the near future. Lewis-Parry’s camp are more focused on fighting another battle, not in the One Championship ring, but in a legal court.

Chi Lewis-Parry will now be replaced by Paul Cheng from Taiwan.

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