Paris Marathon: Kenyans dominating; Kotut’s tactic revealed

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The Paris Marathon 2016 has reached its finish line with Kenyans dominating the top spot for both events. With thousands of participants running, stumbling and running again in the streets of Paris, the annual marathon has been concluded with Cyprian Kotut finishing first for the men’s event and Visiline Jepkesho for the women’s category.

According to reports, Kotut finished the race this Sunday clocking 2:07:11, while his female counterpart, 28-year-old Visiline Jepkesho, finished the race with 2:25:52 and based on IAAF’s official website, the time registered for Kotut is his personal best. The results prove that Kenya will continue to dominate this sport in years to come, with some of its budding athletes.

However, such race was not that easy for the relatively newcomer, Kotut, in Paris Marathon, even though he has won the half-marathon weeks before but patience and perseverance led Kotut victory.

“The 24-year-old remained patient during the first half of the race, as the pace of the leading group was relatively slow. He pushed the tempo as the group ran along the famous Seine river and dropped his companions in the final stretch, finishing the race with a healthy lead,” Bleacher Report reported.

Though Kotut’s win was almost easy as it sounds, Jepkesho in the women’s race had a quite challenging run against known rival Meseret Mengistu. It was seen that both runners were really serious in outrunning each other.

But in the end, the Jepkesho was proven to be more dominant, perhaps because she was trying to avenge his loss against Mengistu from last year’s Marathon. Though Jepkesho did not break her previous record, she made it clear that she still has more to give in her chosen sport.

With this stunning and fruitful race conclusion for Kenya, they are somehow announcing to the world that upcoming races in Rome, Boston, and London in the coming weeks would be having a different scenario with their possible inclusions, Kotut, and Jepkesho.

Photo Courtesy: gadl/Wikimedia

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