Rafael Nadal Disappointed with Self? ‘I Don’t Have Self Confidence’

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Rafael Nadal has suffered one of his worst season ever, and he is unsure if he can ever achieve a grandslam.

During a recent interview with Sky Sports, the legendary Spaniard talked about his persistent injuries and how he has to overcome mental scars before returning to competitive action. Nadal also talked about the big four in Tennis and singled out Andy Murray as one of the “Most Talented” players he has ever played with.

Rafa did seem disappointed with himself and said, “I don’t know. I don’t know if I can win another Grand Slam. I believe yes. I don’t know if I’m going to do it… but I can do it.”

He further mentioned, “It was a tough year in terms of everything because I was playing with too much anxiety, especially at the beginning of the season, Now I feel much better. Not 100 per cent fit, but much better. Close to being 100 per cent fit and I am enjoying it again. I’m enjoying being on the tennis court, enjoying practising and enjoying the competition because I don’t have it anymore.”

Nadal admitted to having a tough year and things weren’t always perfect as he felt losing control of his emotions. The injury plagued previous season was not particularly fruitful for Nadal.

The Tennis star is building an International Tennis Academy in Mallorca, his home Island, to give an opportunity to upcoming talents in Tennis while providing them with education, notes ESPN.

He finished a stressful season without winning any major feat and definitely wants to get his mojo back. He talked about being constantly pushy to rediscover himself and regain his confidence to get back to winning ways.

He stressed on the point of working hard and get control over his emotions in the coming two years. He definitely wants to relax for now and insisted on finding his level of Tennis, after having a disappointing French Open this year.

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