Real Madrid to use buy back option for Alvaro Morata

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Several clubs are on the run in signing Juventus striker Alvaro Morata, but Real Madrid has the biggest advantage so far.

Morata was sold two years ago by Real Madrid to Juventus for $22.91 million that gives the Spanish giants the buy-back option where they can sign back Morata with $34.22 million when the transfer window opens. However, Real Madrid appears to be more interested in selling Morata for a large profit with the amount of around $72.50 million.

Reports claim that Premiere league club Arsenal are already in talks, not with Italian club Juventus but directly with Real Madrid to buy Morata for the amount of $74 million, which breaks the record of Arsenal’s most expensive signing, Mesut Ozil who was signed by the club from Real Madrid in 2013 with the amount of $61.63 million.

Alvaro Morata refuses to discuss his future in Juventus, and tells Rai Sport that he is focused on making the most of his current form rather than what his future holds.

Juventus’ Beppe Marotta, however, told Sport Mediaset that Juventus wants to keep Morata and will try to talk to Real as soon as possible, but the will of Morata is important thus the decision does not lie completely on them.

Other clubs that are said to be trying to sign Morata are Premiere league clubs Chelsea and Manchester United, and French club  Paris Saint-Germain.

Photo Courtesy:Tam Tam/

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