UFC: Ronda Rousey’s Valentine date was a girl?

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Valentine's Day

Ronda Rousey had a great Valentine date this year it seems.

The former UFC bantamweight champion has been quite busy these days.

Although she lost at UFC 193 to Holly Holm, her popularity has not diminished in any case.

She has recently featured in the SI Swimsuit issue. Ronda is one among the three cover girls.

That hardly left her with any time to have a lavish Valentine’s Day.

But she did have a quiet Valentine’s Day celebration.

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With whom you may ask, for we have the answer for you.

Rousey had a great Valentine company this year. She spent her Valentine’s Day with one of her close gal pals and her dog, Mochi.

Fighter Marina Shafir and Mochi had a quiet, simple, stay at home Valentine’s Day celebration with Rousey.

Marina’s Instagram infact gives the impression that she has been dog sitting for Ronda over the weekend. Now that’s a great Valentine company that Ronda has got who even baby sits her dog.

However, we are not quite sure why Ronda didn’t spend her Valentine’s Day with boyfriend Travis Browne.

Is everything well in their paradise?

Well, we can only hope that the two lovebirds are very much together.

Photo Courtesy: FOX Sports

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