“Spicy” Curry posts 37-point game for Golden State against Toronto

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It was a very close game to begin with, but reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry, as always, found ways to get past the challenge and tow the Golden State Warriors towards the win.

Golden State, led by Curry’s 37-point eruption, hacked out a hard-earned 115-110 win over the Raptors on Tuesday night.

Klay Thompson chipped in 19 while Andrew Bogut added 13 as they are now close to tying Dallas in their best start of 14-0 back in the 2002-2003 season. The Warriors are now three games away from tying the league-best record of 15-0 posted by the Washington Capitols in 1948-49 and the Houston Rockets in 1993-94.

“We hold ourselves to a very high standard,” said Curry.

“Though we were sloppy on a couple of possessions offensively that gave them life, we didn’t put that much pressure defensively in the third.”

Though Golden State just notched their twelfth win, and still with an immaculate slate, their last victory was not given on a silver platter.

Toronto had to climb back from an 18-point hole and trailed by just a hairline in the final stretch of the game. A huge blow for Toronto was when Kyle Lowry was whistled for an offensive foul that gave Curry two shots from the stripes, which he both made.

Lowry was at a loss for words as that unforced error cost them the game.

“It happens. The call went against me. That’s all I can say about it.”

DeMar DeRozan and Lowry led the Raptors with 28 each on yet another losing cause. They went on a 5-0 start before dropping five of their last seven games.

The first half was clearly dominated by the Warriors, with the Raptors regaining form just in the second half of action.

“In the first half, they dictated everything,” said Coach Dwane Casey. “I thought in the second half, we played well enough to win.”

Breaks of the game had it for the Warriors.

Toronto will face Utah on Wednesday while the Warriors will be Los Angeles to play the Clippers on Thursday.

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