Steve Kerr ponders Warriors vs ’96 Bulls

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With the Warriors having the hottest start in NBA history, the talks and comparisons to the ’96 Bulls have begun a barbershop debate.

One thing both teams have in common is Steve Kerr. Now as the coach of the Warriors, Kerr was one of the key players who helped Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman create another Bulls dynasty late in the 90’s.

Kerr admits that he himself enjoyed the thought of his former team facing the Warriors of today.

‘I have to start out by saying the human side of me, so I’m in the locker room last night, watching the game, Van Gundy’s talking about the ’96 Bulls compared to this team. Sitting there, I’m like, “Damn it, I should be coaching this team, I should be out there.” And then in the press conference afterward, somebody would be asking me about this whole ’96 Bulls thing, and I love this stuff! This is so much fun. God, I miss this. It’s killing me.”

Furthermore, Kerr is the best person to ask on how the game would between the two teams would pan out as he narrates how he would go against the Warriors and vice versa.

“My initial thoughts are that it is literally impossible to even compare, because the rules are so different and the eras are so different. We would overload the strong side on (Michael) Jordan, and they would call illegal defense; and they would put their hands all over (Stephen) Curry, and the refs would call a foul. That make sense?”

“I would have had a nightmarish time playing against the Warriors, because I wouldn’t have been able to find anybody to guard. Nobody can guard Steph, so I would have had an impossible time trying to do that. So, I don’t even know where to begin on that front.”

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