Super Bowl 50: Kevin Durant the photographer? Take a look at KD’s shots of the big game

Kevin Durant shoots Super Bowl 50 action from the sidelines.
The Players’ Tribune

Kevin Durant switches hats for Super Bowl 50, plays the role of game photographer for a sports blog.

For the last nine seasons in the NBA, Kevin Durant has been the subject of sports photographers’ lenses due to his big plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

But for one night, Durant stepped behind the sidelines to capture the sights of the NFL Super Bowl 50 matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

In a personal entry on The Players’ Tribune, a noticeably star-struck Kevin Durant outlined that his experiences in playing big games “felt small” in comparison to the energy and excitement of the Super Bowl.

“When I was invited by The Players’ Tribune and the NFL to be a credentialed photographer on the sidelines during the Super Bowl, I said “I’ll do it” before they even finished their question. Seriously, that’s a dream offer,” said Durant.

“I can see the irony of “Kevin Durant is a member of the media for a day.” But I had the time of my life taking sideline photos for the night. I’ve got a lot of interests outside of basketball, and one of them is doing things I haven’t done before, like stepping into the shoes of a photographer and learning about what it’s all about.

“I may be just starting out, but I also like to think that at my height, I might have some different angles than other photographers. After all, you’ve gotta play up your strengths.

“I’ve been in some big games in my career, in big arenas that were loud and packed. I’ve played on national TV. That all felt small compared to this night. Once I got to Levi’s Stadium, it was just different.

“This was a global event. I’ve never seen anything like it — there’s just nothing that compares to the Super Bowl. Who wouldn’t want to be on the Super Bowl sidelines with a “job” to take action shots of the game — the biggest game in the world?”

Kevin Durant, who admitted that he was a novice photographer, even narrated that he nearly forgot his camera gear before leaving Oklahoma City for the Bay Area for a game against the Golden State Warriors the night after the Super Bowl.

Durant was not only NBA player who stole the show, as his Golden State Warriors counterpart Stephen Curry was also in the stadium to bang the Carolina Panthers’ “Keep Pounding” drum and cheer on his hometown team.

Here are some of the scenes of Super Bowl 50 captured through the lens of Kevin Durant, via The Players’ Tribune:

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