Super Bowl 50: Madden NFL 16 predicts Panthers vs. Broncos winner, SB50 MVP

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Super Bowl 50 Madden NFL 16 predicts Panthers vs. Broncos winner

Electronic Arts (EA) Sports Madden NFL 16 simulation has predicted Carolina Panthers to triumph over Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl 50 by a score of 24-20.

Video courtesy: YouTube/IGN

Every year, for the last twelve years EA has used its video game Madden to predict the winner of the Super Bowl. Nine out of twelve times it has accurately predicted the winner of the championship game.

The simulation predicted not only the winner last year but also the correct score line. It didn’t stop there; it went on to name Tom Brady as the MVP, with 335 yards and four touchdowns. The prediction fell short of just seven yards from the actual outcome.

Madden also predicted Julian Edelman to score the winning touchdown, including a few of the other key stats.

Ahead of the Super Bowl 50, EA Sports has once again used Madden NFL 16 simulator to predict the outcome of this Sunday’s showdown.

Along with predicting Panthers as the winners, Carolina Quarter Back Cam Newton has been named as the Super Bowl 50 MVP.

According to the simulation, Newton will complete 19 of 26 passes for 216 yards. He will also score the dramatic touchdown which will decide the game. Super Bowl 50 will be a defensive affair with Denver struggling to move the ball.

If EA Sports correctly predicts the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl 50, it will bring the accuracy of the simulation to 76% with 10 out of 13 predictions correct. If it’s incorrect, the accuracy will go down to 64%.

The bettors will surely look to bestow their faith on EA’s simulator judging by its accuracy from the previous seasons. Panthers are looking in amazing form after destroying the Arizona Cardinals (15-49) in the Conference Championship game and if Cam Newton displays another commanding performance, Madden NFL will cement its name as the most accurate Super Bowl prediction software on the market.

Photo courtesy: youtube.com/IGN

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