Tim Tebow to Canada, CFL will be a correct decision : Urban Meyer

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Tim Tebow, former Florida quarterback has not been in the NFL scene since 2012. However, if he considers returning to the game, his best bet would be to try it outside his own country. He should considering plying his trade in the Canadian Football League (CFL), believes his former mentor Urban Meyer.

Tebow featured last time in the NFL for the New York Jets. After Jets cut the quarterback, he was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles prior to the 2015 season but failed to make a regular season game appearance. He was cut loose even before the season began.

Former Florida coach Urban Meyer stepped up to comment that the only way back for Tebow into the NFL would be to prove his worth in the CFL first. Meyer made the speculation at the NFL combine this week.

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“I was actually in a conversation with him about going to Canada. I think if there’s a right (opportunity) I think he’d probably do it.” Meyer said, as reported by

Tebow featured for the Eagles in preseason but was unable to surpass Matt Barkley as the third-choice quarterback. It has to be noted that Barkley was later traded.

Tebow lacks the usual mechanics required to be a regular NFL quarterback and also lacks the precision as a passer. This has become a handicap for the southpaw QB and has hindered his chance to land him a permanent job in the NFL. Although Tebow possess some outstanding athletic ability and natural toughness, his skills pull him back from being a good NFL QB.

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“He does have somewhat of an awkward throwing motion at times. I really thought the Chip Kelly (in Philadelphia) would be his opportunity. I really hope he gets his foot in the door.” Meyer added.

Seeing Tebow make it big in the CFL would be considered some sort of a success since the former Denver Broncos quarterback is still loved among many football fans.

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