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WWE News: Titus O’Neil suspension reduced?

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Titus O’Neil has been suspended by WWE.

The WWE superstar was given the suspension by WWE principal owner Vince McMahon after Titus playfully grabbed McMahon’s arm, reports FOX Sports.

The incident happened during Daniel Bryan’s emotional retirement ceremony on this week’s Monday Night Raw.

As Bryan made his way through the crowd of wrestlers after giving his speech, McMahon tried to follow suit but was grabbed by O’Neil on the way. O’Neil’s act has been described as a “playful and physical way” of grabbing.

But McMahon surely was not impressed by Titus’ gesture and shoved him away. The push almost made Titus knock into Stephanie McMahon as she tried to get past.

McMahon initially suspended Titus for 90 days.

However, WWE analyst Justin LaBar for Pittsburgh Tribune Review reports that Titus’ suspension has been reduced to 60 days.

“60 days is meant for 2nd time drug test fail—not something trivial by someone who gives all their time helping the better the brand’s image,” Justin posted on Twitter.

The initial suspension itself created quite the uproar.

According to FOX Sports report, the suspension itself is stranger in the first place. The report lists three reasons for the same-

1) the incident did not take place during the live broadcast on the USA Network and was only seen by those tuning into the WWE Network after the show

2) O’Neill does more charity work than any other WWE superstar and the suspension will make him miss WrestleMania 32 on April 3.

The incident was edited out of the version the WWE put on its official YouTube channel, but you can catch it below.

After joining hands with Darren Young, Titus had been making a good progress as a singles competitor. However, he did lose to Social Outcasts’ Adam Rose on Monday’s RAW.

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