Tyson Fury feared his water might be “drugged”

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Tyson Fury, who became the new heavyweight world champion after dethroning Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf on Saturday night, left the ring dehydrated because of fears that his water might be drugged in a bid to discredit him.

Fury brought to an end Klitschko’s nine year reign thus pulling off one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight history.

Not only this, Fury refused to drink any water back in his dressing room too fearing that it may have been sabotaged as informed to him by his close sources.

He also did not touch any items in his dressing room over fears that they have been sabotaged.

“After the fight, I had it from good sources not to touch anything in the changing room because they might try to drug me,” he said.

“People were trying to pass me all sorts of things but unless it came from my own baggage, I wasn’t having it, there was no chance of me getting drugged.”

“I went home dehydrated before I even touched anything because I was so frightened of being tested and failing the test because they’ve given me something. You can never be too careful.”

Controversy engulfed Fury and Klitschko even before the final match- first, over a pair of gloves sent to Fury by Klitschko’s chosen manufacturer Paffen and second because the ring was considered too soft until a layer of foam was removed from the canvas.

Labelling those responsible for these issues “cheats”, Fury said that these particular incidents added to his fears that he could be tricked into taking an illegal substance after the fight to discredit him.

“We know the cheats, these people are extremely good at cheating,” Fury said at his press conference in Bolton on Monday attended by his dad, John Fury, uncle and trainer, Peter Fury with a reserved place for late Hughie Fury.

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury at his press conference on Monday after his win over Klitschko

“They tried it with the gloves first and still gave me the wrong gloves in the end.”

“Then they put six-inch thick memory firm all over the ring. Then he (Klitschko) had his bandages on and his wraps on before we came into the changing room and he had to take them off.”

“At the weigh-in, he had platforms in his boots. All these little things that they thought might affect fighters in the past but it didn’t phase me one bit.”

After his win, Fury has come under extreme scrutiny over his controversial views on homophobia, paedophilia and devil worshipping.

Shadow Cabinet minister Chris Bryant even went on to say that he would not be celebrating Fury’s win because his behaviour led to “young gay suicides”.

But it looks like Fury is unaffected by the entire buzz. He said: “It’s not going to change me, I am what I am. I’ve won four or five belts, whatever they are, and I’m the No 1 ranked heavyweight in the world but it is what it is.”

“I’m not really bothered. It’s up to them, if they want to look up to a realist then I suppose that’s going to help you more in life.”

“If I say something is purple and it’s really green – it’s purple isn’t it? Who’s going to argue with me? I’m the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.”


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