Tyson Fury feasts on chicken wraps and chips after victory over Klitschko

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Tyson Fury celebrates victory over Klitschko at Nando's

Looks like Tyson Fury is having quite the celebration after he was seen having a 15,000 calories sumptuous meal with his friends at Nando’s.

The 27-year old who defeated the favourite Klitschko ordered 16 double chicken wraps, five corns on the cob and six portions of chips.

The mega feast – which came to just under £190 – amounted to 15,448 calories, six times the recommendation for an average male.


Fury ate 16 double chicken wraps, five corn on the cob and six portions of chips during his feast (stock image)

The new heavyweight world champion was pictured with friends in the Bolton restaurant ahead of his official homecoming.

Tyson Fury celebrates victory over Klitschko at Nando's

Fury with his friends at Nando’s

A source told The Sun: “He’s clearly taking some time off, but he’ll have to put in a serious training session to burn off the calories.”

“He looked very relaxed, but other punters did clock who he was and took a couple of pictures.”

Another source said that Fury was “a gent” and was happy to sign her Nando’s napkin.

With an average male needing to consume on average 2,500 calories a day to maintain his weight, Fury now will have to work hard in the gym after his Nando’s indulgence.

In the summer of 2014, Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte shared an image of his typical 10,000 calorie meal while Michael Phelps once claimed to consume 12,000 calories a day before later saying that it was a myth.

According to Lewis James, a lecturer in nutrition at the UK’s Loughborough University: “People like Ryan would be training for very long periods at a time, (meaning) they have long periods of their days when they don’t get any food in at all.”

“I would expect someone like Ryan Lochte to have 10,000 calories in a day, but in one meal it sounds like quite a lot.”

Meanwhile, Fury has been shortlisted for BBC Sports Personality of the Year alongside F1 champion Lewis Hamilton and Davis cup victor Andy Murray. The new heavyweight world champion however, is not expecting to win the award as he believes he is “too controversial and outspoken”.

“There’s no point me thinking about it. I’m not bothered. If I don’t win any award, I’ve never expected to win one anyway,” said Fury.

“Has anyone else beaten a super-champion this year? Taken him out? Taken away all his belts? Who’s done what?”

“So Lewis Hamilton has won the F1 championship and Andy Murray has won the Davis Cup. Hamilton can win a race and it doesn’t mean anything. Murray can win a tennis match and lose a tennis match and still have his popularity. But who beat Wladimir Klitschko, the man they said couldn’t be beaten? Answer: Tyson ‘Too Fast’ Fury.”



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