Tyson Fury Joins UFC? ‘Not Really Entertaining For Me’

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Tyson Fury-Vladimir Klitschko-rematch

It didn’t take long for the newly-crowned heavyweight boxing champion to take a shot at the mixed martial arts community. Just recently, Tyson Fury commented on MMA and belittled the sport.

As boxers and MMA fighters have been battling on who is the prime combat sports of the new millennium, Fury added up to the fire and Shared his two cents on MMA, saying it is “not entertaining.”

“I think MMA is for people who can’t box, basically. That’s just my opinion on that. It’s not really entertaining for me. The only time it’s entertaining is when they stand up and punch each other. That’s what I think fans like as well.” Fury said i an interview with MMAFighting.com‘s MMA Hour.

Fury also stressed that MMA is much more boring compared to boxing. Especially when MMA fights turn from striking to the ground game.

“I don’t think anyone likes to see people roll about the floor,” said Fury.

“I think people want to see the stand-up punching. Even the referee when they’re on the floor to get up, get into it. I think I speak on behalf of a lot of people that the best parts of MMA is when they’re standing up and trading punches.”

Despite Fury’s jabs on MMA, he was quick to retract by telling MMAFighting.com that MMA fighters still get his nod for doing “something good in sports.”

“I don’t disrespect what anybody does,” Fury said

“If they’re achieving something positive in their life, that’s very good and they deserve credit for it. Anybody that can do something good in sports or life in general deserves lots of credit. What I’m saying, where I’m coming from is, the best part of MMA to me is when they’re standing up kicking each other and punching each other. Stand-up combat, you see.”

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