UFC 194: Dana White Forced Jose Aldo to Fight While Injured

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Seldom that wives step up and speak for their man. But for UFC’s number one pound-for-pound fighter, it seemed bizarre but most timely.

Even since the first McGregor Vs Aldo was cancelled because of Aldo’s injuries, people have been asking if Aldo was just dodging a possible loss from McGregor.  After all those months, Aldo’s wife –  came out in the open to defend his man.

“Aldo was really injured, there’s video of it,” Pereira, Aldo’s wife told Combate.

“The guy threw a spinning kick, hit his left rib and broke it. ‘Dede’ [Andre Pederneiras, Nova Uniao head coach] called me half an hour after going to the hospital to ask me to stay calm because they didn’t know if it was broken. We didn’t want to frighten anyone because we didn’t know if he would fight or not. After a while, ‘Dede’ calls me and say it’s broken and he would need three or four weeks to get back. It was two weeks before the fight, we were desperate.”

As one of the biggest MMA fights created for the year 2015, Pereira added that UFC Ceo, Dana White called up Jose Aldo and tried to convince him to fight in a very unfashionable way.

“And Dana calling, talking about numbers,” she said.

“‘It’s millions of dollars that you are losing. You have to fight. You never made this in your life’. Junior trying everything, doing everything. But they didn’t want to announce it because who else would they put in the fight? They spent millions on the fight. How would they say he broke his rib? They didn’t want to admit, they held it back, threw that on us, and we were saying it was broken.

Even so, the fight of McGregor and Aldo is now slated to start this December 12, 2015 at the MGM Grand Arena. Fans are hoping for the fight to finally happen barring injuries.

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