UFC 194: Jose Aldo Breaks Down in Dressing Room After Loss to McGregor

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Even the great and mighty face a defeat. It’s only a matter of time. And that’s what happened with Jose Aldo on Saturday.

The man who had not lost a fight in 10 years up till now got dethroned from his crown in a shocking 13 seconds knockout by Irishman Conor McGregor at MGM Grand Arena in Los Angeles last Saturday.

After his match, Aldo kept saying, “we need a rematch, it was not really a match,” as Mail Online quotes but his inner emotions laid bare in the dethroned champion’s dressing room as the footage shows.

The Brazilian who remained undefeated for 10 years and who successfully defended his UFC featherweight title seemed lost in desperation in his dressing room as the footage shows.

Aldo entered his dressing room with a towel draped over his head, walked lifelessly and sat down on the mat facing the wall.

The moment Aldo sat down and cried inconsolably, members from his support team immediately rushed forward to console him. But the pain of loss and defeat seems too much for him as he sat there staring blankly, crying, with his head still draped in the towel.

The pain of defeat and the shock of losing within 13 seconds is highlighted from the very fact that he sat there with a bowed head.

No amount of comfort and hugs could calm and soothe him down as he sat there unmoved for 13 long minutes, still trying to rationalise his downfall.  McGregor’s powerful left punch proved too costly for the Brazilian.

At one point, Aldo did try stand up but sank back to mat immediately, just like earlier as he got knocked down on the canvas immediately and shockingly.

Aldo endured a year of taunts from McGregor prior to the fight who even went to the extent of saying that Aldo won’t even turn up for the match but last week Aldo appeared composed and laughed off all McGregor’s trash talks.

But within minutes, no wait, within seconds a new name was announced as the winner — that of Conor McGregor as the new featherweight champion.

Meanwhile, Aldo’s post-fight speech has courted bit of a controversy.

According to a Bloody Elbow report, the Brazilian’s translator delivered: “Yeah, he threw a cross on my chest which wasn’t expected. Then I threw a punch and he came back with another cross and that was that. I think that we need to rematch. There was really not a fight, so we need to get back in here”. This quickly led Joe Regan to say, “It was certainly a fight, it was just a fight that happened and ended very quickly.”

The full transcript however, as obtained by Bloody Elbow in fact should read: “He threw a straight to my chest, I was expecting it, and when I went to attack him he hit a good straight. And then it landed there, but I think this fight here… I think now we have to go to a rematch, I think it doesn’t end there. I think it was very fast there, he hit a good blow and was able to finish the fight.”

Looks like translation is not an easy job as a small missing phrase and mistranslation can lead to a whole new story, as seen in this case.

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