UFC 194: Jose Aldo Impresses at Open Workouts

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Jose Aldo is UFC’s longest reigning and most dominant world champion. But the featherweight king received a muted ovation from the crowd who attended the UFC 194 open workouts on Thursday at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Los Angeles.

Aldo for his part didn’t pay much attention to the crowd either, as he took to the matted stage along with coaches Andre Pederneiras and Pedro Rizzo.

With techno music blazing through the arena, the Brazilian first stretched his hips on his back. Grooving to the music’s beat, he then wrapped his hands with black cloth.

Aldo then threw his first punch, bouncing, two-stepping and nodding his head as he prepared his fists. He began his mitt routine with Pederneiras with his killer basics stiff jabs and adding the cross behind the jab, in a simple but sharp way- the way Aldo usually fights.

Marching forward, Aldo suddenly fired off fast punches and created a rat-a-tat-boom beat of his own. This led the previously silent spectators to take notice of his moves and much impressed with his spectacular form, the crowd let out natural hoots and hollers.

Only then, after waking them up with his skills, did Aldo and his coach Pederneiras turn their attention to the crowd. Aldo and his team then urged the crowd to make more noise and encourage Aldo. The pattern was a familiar one though with Aldo entering the center stage without much fanfare or the biggest cheering section in the building, but later leaving the arena with a captive audience cheering his handiwork.

Aldo is due to meet Conor McGregor this Saturday after previously pulling out of their match back in June due to a rib injury.

Meanwhile, McGregor put quite a show for his fans at his open workout sessions in the same building as Aldo’s. Dressed in neon yellow green track pant, McGregor first had a warm up session with his coach and then proceeded to greet his fans urging them to make loud cheers.

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