UFC 2015: Check Rafael dos Anjos’ Reaction Over Conor McGregor’s ‘Beg Me’ Taunt

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After defeating former featherweight champion Jose Aldo with a 13 second knock out earlier this month, Conor McGregor became the talk of the town.

Fighters like Charles Oliveira and Nate Diaz have expressed interest in fighting the new featherweight champion with Diaz even claiming that UFC matchmaker and Vice President  Joe Silva has promised him a bout with the ‘Notorious’ McGregor.

Probably this is what led McGregor to post a hilarious taunt on his Facebook page over the weekend. The post is directed to his ‘suitors’ and McGregor wants them to beg him for a fight with him.


McGregor posted the image on his Facebook page and asked fighters to beg him for a fight

However, it seems the post did not go down well with Rafael dos Anjos who took to Instagram and hit back at McGregor over his “beg me” taunt.

Anjos posted a picture of McGregor’s quote on Aldo and alongside it he wrote: “Now he wants me to beg??? I may have misunderstood that he wanted my belt.”


Anjos took to Instagram and hit back at McGregor over his ‘beg me’ taunt

Rafael Dos Anjos is currently the lightweight champion and McGregor himself has stated on numerous occasions that wanted to challenge for the lighweight championship.

In such a scenario then it is quite bizarre to see a challenger dictating the champion to beg him for a fight and Anjos’ Instagram post clearly highlights this.

After his Saturday’s win over Donald Cerrone at UFC’s Fox main event rematch, Fox Sports reports Anjos saying, “Mr. McGregor, if you want to come to my division, this is my division. You’d better stay at featherweight.”

“I will fight you in Brazil. I will go to Ireland to face you.”

Saturday’s win is dos Anjos’ fifth straight win, and improves his record to 25-7. Anjos defeated Cerrone  within 66 seconds into the match. Cerrone’s defeat snapped an eight-fight win streak and dipped his mark to 28-7.

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