UFC 2015: Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz Confirmed?

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It seems that Conor McGregor is the talk of the town after beating Jose Aldo to become the new UFC Featherweight Champion. The attention alone made him as the biggest target in the world of MMA.

After Charles Oliveira and Rafael Dos Anjos claimed that they are set to fight McGregor next, Nate Diaz is the latest to join the McGregor-challenger bandwagon.

Nate Diaz who defeated Michael Johnson in a three-round exciting striking war on Saturday in Orlando claims that the UFC matchmaker and Vice President – Joe Silva promised him a bout with the ‘Notorious’.

During an interview with Fox 17 on Saturday’s post-event press conference, Diaz said that UFC told him that the fight with McGregor is on.

“Oh, he [Joe Silva] said, ‘it’s on. We’re going to do this’”.

“Hell yeah [UFC brass] want it. Everybody wants that fight. … If people want to see a real fight, they know who to call,” Diaz said in the interview.

“This is ninja real sh-t. Not no fake, ‘Let’s fight. This will be good for the sport.’ F–k that. F–k the sport. This is fight sh-t.”

“This is ninja sh-t. That’s what people want to see, that’s what I want to see when I watch. So, let’s see some real sh-t. You hear me. Let’s get it.”

“I want a fight that’s worth my while, worth his while. Let’s get our fight on,” Diaz continued.

“I don’t care if it’s all good or not all good. When we fight, we’re going to fight. Fight-fight. For real, fight. He thinks he’s the ninja. I’m the ninja. Ninja Gaiden. American Ninja. Real motherfu-king ninja. This [is a] ninja martial artist right here. I started that sh-t. That sh-t came from Stockton, with us – me and my team.”

On being asked about the key to beating McGregor, Diaz said, “training hard, and ninja-ing his ass up. That’s the key to beating everybody.”

Looks like Diaz is all set to fight McGregor and he even has a tagline for the event- “American Ninja [vs.] Irish Ninja” and ended the interview saying, “Represent your sh-t, homeboy.”

Meanwhile, McGregor’s team has confirmed that they plan to fight for the lightweight title in the spring before defending his 145-pound title in July at UFC 200.




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