UFC 2015: Couture Says Rousey Should be Humble; ‘We All Need Some Humble Pie’

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With over a month since Ronda Rousey’s defeat against Holly Holm, MMA fans are still debating on what happened. Ronda’s co-star in the Expendables 3 and former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion, Randy Couture was also glued and had some interesting points to say about the fight.

“I was surprised,” said Couture according to

“I thought Holly would be the first one to really hit Ronda and I thought she would give Ronda problems with her footwork. She demonstrated amazing footwork. I knew she wasn’t going to be half crazy and run right at Ronda like some of these other girls have tried and run right into her wheelhouse. I was surprised when Ronda did get her hands on her and got her on the ground that Holly dealt with it so well and was able to shed Ronda off and get her back where she needed her in that striking realm.

The loss of Rousey proved that the former UFC Bantamweight Champion needs to regroup and be more humble for her to grow more into her full potential as a fighter.

“I thought by the third or fourth round Ronda would have figured out the footwork and gotten her hands on her and found a way to submit her. Holly had an amazing performance and has demonstrated a ton of class with how she’s dealt with Ronda and the media and all the shock of winning that event. I think, you know, there are occasions where we all kind of need some humble pie and that’s probably where Ronda is sitting right now.”

In facing another probable battle with Holm, Rousey is the fighter that needs to create adjustments in order to recapture her lost glory.

“Yes, I think she can make the adjustments she needs to make,” said Couture.

“It’s purely a function of focus and game plan. I think after knocking her last opponent out she was maybe a little over confident with her striking and didn’t give Holly the credit she deserved as a world-class boxer and kick boxer. She went out and tried to strike with [Holm] and paid the price with an elusive southpaw with a great jab that just kept tagging her.”

Couture is suggesting that Rousey would have to be more strategic in her approach on her next fight. Being aggressive is not everything but being smart is what it will take.

“I think those are things that can be fixed. Change her approach to closing the distance and getting your hands on Holly. Make Holly operate where [Rousey] is strongest. How many judo medalists do we have in this sport? Time and time again that’s where she’s won her fights.”

For what seemed to be a solicited advice from the former UFC champion, Couture is suggesting that Rousey must avoid the striking battle against Holm.

“It looked to me like she thought she was going to go out and strike with a world-class boxer and that’s always a bad idea,” said Couture. “It would have been a bad idea for me to do it with James Toney, it was a bad idea for her to do it with Holly Holm.”

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