UFC 94: Gone in 13 seconds; McGregor Wins Undisputed Championship over Aldo

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One of the most hyped matches in the world of MMA just got finished in 13 seconds and one critical punch from Conor “The Notorious” McGregor – who is now crowned as the new undisputed UFC Featherweight Champion.

With the win over Jose Aldo, McGregor gave his opponent his first loss in nearly a decade of dominance.

Still, with all the word war going on between the two prior to the fight, the mouthy Conor McGregor has his uttermost respect for his opponent.

“He’s a phenomenal warrior and a phenomenal champion,” said McGregor. “He deserved to go a little bit longer.”

The win had McGregor win his 15th consecutive fight and the match currently recorded as the fastest title bout – beating Rousey vs Zingano’s match by 1 second.

“No power, just precision,” said McGregor on how he beat Jose Aldo.

“No speed, just timing. That’s all it takes, especially when you have my left hand. Nothing can take that left hand,” added McGregor

On the other hand, Jose Aldo is claiming that he got a hiccup and the mistake cost him dearly.

“He threw a right on my chest, I expected that,” Aldo told said in a post match interview with Joe Roegan, “and when I attacked him, he hit a good left, and that was it.  I think after this fight, we have to go for a rematch.”

For the past months, McGregor had been poking Aldo with his antics. He was even asked if this affected his game.

“It didn’t affect anything,” Aldo said. “He can say whatever he wants. I’ll never fall in any provocation. He was happy today, he hit me with a good punch. We have to go for a rematch, and I will be better prepared to reclaim what is mine.”

Yesterday, Frankie Edgar won over Chad Mendes in The Ultimate Fighter Finale and is slated to be McGregor’s opponent.

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