UFC: Chris Weidman blames Herb Dean for loss to Luke Rockhold; Insists rematch

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When Chris Weidman lost his championship against Luke Rockhold in UFC 195, the former champion widely stated that the match changed him as a person.

In fact, yes it could mean change for Weidman but it may not be a positive change at all as he accuses Herb Dean for losing the fight.

“I mean, I never went out,” said Weidman through the MMA Hour as reported by SB Nation

It may have seemed that Weidman never really gave up on the fight but referee, Herb Dean has been accused for stopping the fight prematurely and let the fight go to the scorecards.

“I was still fighting back, so I don’t think they should’ve stopped it.”

Even so, Weidman – with his accusations to Herb Dean – thinks that the referee still did a good job for looking at the welfare of the fighters. All of that, in very contrasting statements.

“I think Herb Dean did a good job.” said Weidman.

“I understand where people are coming from, I wouldn’t have been upset if they did stop it earlier. I wouldn’t have been complaining. But I’m also not complaining that they kept it going.”

Although, we can feel that Chris Weidman is still bitter about his defeat, the former champion now sees that his fans are the ones who are saying that he should have been given the chance to finish the fight.

“Everywhere I go, especially for the first time, it’s awkward when you see people because people are awkward around you because they don’t know how to react,” Weidman said through MMA Mania.

“It’s almost like going to a funeral and when you have to go up to the family and give your condolences. It’s always awkward. You don’t know really what to say because nothing’s going to make them feel better.”

Although Weidman admitted the defeat, his 5-year old daughter and 3-year-old son gave the idea for the rematch against Rockhold.

“They’re just like, ‘What do you mean you lost? You don’t lose,'” Weidman shared about being motivated for a rematch. “Then right away, it’s like, ‘OK, Daddy. You’re going to beat him next time.”

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