UFC fined Nate Diaz for not wearing Reebok? Details Revealed

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Just last month Donald Cerrone was fined by UFC for violating the Athlete Outfitting Policy at UFC on FOX 17.

And now the latest person to be fined by UFC is Nate Diaz.

Nate Diaz posted on Twitter on Sunday that UFC has penalized him monetarily for violating the promotion’s Athlete Outfitting Policy at UFC on FOX 17.

He tweeted: “Those were #reebokjeans u should’ve just kept the whole check I don’t need that baby ass shit anyway.”

Wearing jeans to weigh-ins are a trademark of both Nate and his bother Nick. And on December 16 weigh-ins, Nate wore jeans too as usual.

However, there is no official reply to Nate’s statement as of now.

The UFC entered a uniform deal with Reebok in July and since then fighters are only supposed to wear Reebok apparel during fight week and in the Octagon. UFC has been very strict about following the deal and Cerrone and Nate’s fine imposed by UFC proves this.

MMA Fighting reports that last week UFC senior vice president of global consumer products Tracey Bleczinski confirmed that three fighters were fined by the UFC for “serious” infractions of the policy at the event. She however, did not reveal any names but did mention that twelve others have been warned since the deal went into place.

Although Cerrone’s manager Josh Jones confirmed with MMA Fighting that he was fined by the UFC, he however did not mention why Cerrone was fined.

“Cowboy” as Cerrone is popularly called wears a patch of old May Thai shorts sewn onto all of his MMA shorts as a respect to his beloved grandmother, who attends almost all of his fights. And Cerrone did that at UFC on FOX 17 too.


Donald Cerrone was fined by the UFC for violating the Athlete Outfitting Policy

But it looks like he is not the one to let the fine affect him in any way and judging by his Twitter post, he will continue to proudly wear it. “No and I’ll continue to take the fine,” Cerrone posted on Twitter.


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