UFC: McGregor must ‘watch his words’ says Silva

Anderson Silva tells Conor McGregor that the last time a fighter talked smack to Brazil’s best fighters, the fighter lost big time.

UFC veteran Anderson Silva has given current featherweight champion Conor McGregor a useful tip when dealing with his countrymen.

The 40-year old Silva, best known for holding the middleweight championship, gave the loudmouth from Dublin, Ireland a word of caution to pick his words wisely when talking smack to his fellow Brazilians.

Despite lauding Conor McGregor and his mind games against his would-be victims, Anderson Silva warned that things didn’t go well for the last fighter who talked smack to a Brazilian fighter.

“(Conor) McGregor, he’s a great fighter and he’s doing his job very well. He’s very intelligent and he knows exactly what he’s doing. But Rafael (dos Anjos) cannot get led on by his antics because it didn’t work out very well for Jose Aldo,” Silva said during a recent open workout.

“I think both Jose Aldo and Rafael can both beat him and I also think Conor McGregor should really be careful about what he says about the Brazilians. Because the last person that spoke about a Brazilian, it didn’t end too well for him.”

The fighter Anderson Silva referred to was Chael Sonnen, who had choice words for Silva and other Brazilian fighters throughout the years when both men were at the top of their game and the middleweight division.

Sonnen had eerie similarities to McGregor, as both the American and the Irishman, respectively, both tried to get into the heads of their opponents through trash talk and other forms of intimidation. This cemented Chael Sonnen’s place as one of the sport’s premier trash talkers.

However, Sonnen failed to walk the talk, as Silva rose above all the trash talk before the match had the final say inside the UFC octagon with two resounding victories.

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