UFC: Michael Bisping ready for ‘clean’ title shot

Bisping guarantees to get past Anderson Silva in UFC Fight Night 84, then finally get his long-awaited middleweight title shot.

Michael Bisping has had a rough career in the UFC.

For years, Bisping has always come close to winning the UFC middleweight championship, but his losses came against opponents who were reportedly ‘tainted’ during their fights.

But with strict drug testing in place by the USADA in recent years, Bisping saw his chances at winning the strap open up once again at the twilight of his career.

However, he has ex-champion Anderson Silva to worry about first in the main event of UFC Fight Night 84 in London on Feb. 27. Should things fall into place, Bisping is in line to face the winner of the rematch between Luke Rockhold versus Chris Weidman.

Michael BispingBisping, who claims to be squeaky clean throughout his career, riffled through a list of middleweight title contenders to MMA Fighting, but counted out most of them due to being tainted or allegedly taking performance enhancing substances.

“Yoel Romero just tested positive. Call it what you will, he’s out. Jacare [Souza] lost. They’re two cheats. I’ll say it right now, Jacare looked smaller in his fights and Vitor [Belfort], don’t get me started, we’ve all got places to go I’m sure. Romero is out the window because he’s a scumbag. Jacare is going to continually shrink now that he’s off the juice,” said Bisping.

“Who else is out there? Be honest. Tim Kennedy? He’s off making a show anyway. Be honest, he got me on the best night of Tim Kennedy’s career possible. There you go. I’m going to bat Anderson I’m going to do the best show possible.”

With the trajectory of his career, Bisping sees that he is next in line to wrest away the middleweight belt to cap off a hard-fought career.

“It’s a fight I desire strongly. I’ve won four of my last five, [if he defeats Silva], I’m a perennial contender, this is my 10th year in the UFC, my 10th year with the company. The only guys who beat me in my last five fights are all champions. When I beat Anderson, I should get my damn title shot. Dana [White], c’mon.”

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