UFC News: Conor McGregor says ‘Shut the F–k Up” to a reporter [VIDEO]

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UFC superstar Conor McGregor doesn’t shy away from expressing his mind to one’s face. That is what happened when the current UFC Featherweight champion was asked a question by a reporter. McGregor gave an aggressive reply, which may not be suitable on a social scale.

Nate Diaz, TMZ reporter was tagged as an ‘idiot’ by McGregor after the former asked the Irishman about a heated press conference both had earlier. Diaz is the same reporter who questioned McGregor regarding his comment ‘whoop Jesus’ back in December.

Conor McGregor was asked a question regarding tagging Nate Diaz as “cholo” which is considered racist. The 27-year-old was not impressed and replied in an aggressive tone.

“Mate, shut the f–k up and get away from me. Remember that Jesus s–t you brought up? It’s such a stupid question man. You’re an idiot.” McGregor said to the reporter before going ahead and signing autographs with his fans.

Video courtesy: Daily News

Here is the video where McGregor called Diaz a “cholo gangster from the hood.”

Video courtesy: ON FOX

Conor McGregor was supposed to face Rafael dos Anjos for the lightweight title at UFC 196. However, Anjos suffered an injury and was forced to drop out of the bout. It was at this moment when Diaz stepped in and the bout was an instant hit.

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The trash talks between the two in their press conference before the match has hyped up the encounter even more.

Here’s what Michelle Beadle of ESPN had to say about the press conference.

McGregor will face Diaz at UFC 196 set to held on March 5, 2016.

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