UFC: Ronda Rousey Yet to Congratulate Holly Holm on Her Victory? Check Holm’s Reaction

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Holly Holm sent Ronda Rousey spiralling down the mat with a powerful side kick to win the UFC 193 bout last month. A lot of people expected Rousey to win but as luck would have it, Holm won the bout with a powerful knockout in one of the biggest upsets of UFC history.

But ever since her victory, Holm has been as gracious as ever. The ‘Preacher’s Daughter’ even had words of praise for Rousey when the latter suffered severe backlash from people following her defeat to Holm.

However, it’s been a month and Rousey is yet to congratulate Holm on her success or even share words of appreciation for defending her from haters.

Rousey has said only a few words following her defeat but even in her recent interviews though she said that she will have a rematch and can barely eat an apple after the fight, she has hardly mentioned Holm’s name let alone congratulate her.

Holm however, bears no ill-will against Rousey and isn’t losing sleep over the fact that Rousey is yet to congratulate her.

“No, because I think if somebody doesn’t want to say it or it’s obviously affected her in a different way. She hasn’t really reacted this way to a fight before and so I know it’s just a lot of emotion. It’s really nothing on me. I don’t want to lose any sleep over it, lose any energy over it,” Holm said in an interview to Fox Sports last Saturday ahead of UFC 194 between Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo in which McGregor beat Aldo within 13 seconds.

Holm clearly feels Rousey’s pain as she too had to undergo through the brutality of defeat during her boxing days.

“I wouldn’t change anything about the fight, that’s what I go in there to do. I want to win. I hate to lose and I want the victory. I want the knockout. Who doesn’t want the knockout? That’s the ultimate victory. But when the fight is over and the decision is done, there’s always this little bit of compassion because when you’re a fighter you know what it’s like to lose,” Holm said.

“There was a little bit of compassion. When I got knocked out, somebody came up to me and said ‘don’t be so down, it’s not the end of the world’ and I was like ‘that’s exactly what it feels like, the end of the world’. You put your heart and soul into it. Everything mental, emotional, you put everything into it. It is a very sad place to be and I’ve been there. So there’s a little bit of compassion for that.”

All Holm is really concerned about right now is “stay[ing] focused, work[ing] hard and get[ing ]ready for the fight.”



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