Ryan Vogelsong gets hit on the face, carted off the field

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Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Ryan Vogelsong exited early from the Pirates’ make-up game against Colorado Rockies on Monday afternoon after getting hit in the face with a 92-mph fastball.

Vogelsong started for the Pirates and was not able to keep track of the fastball pitched by Rockies’ Jordan Lyles in the second inning, hitting his face and keeping him to the ground. He stayed on the ground for a for a while until medical assistance from the team’s medical personnel came, and was Vogelsong was carted off while holding a towel on his eye. He was replaced by Wilfredo Boscan.

The Pirates announced that the pitcher was rushed to Allegheny General Hospital, and it is not yet sure whether the pitcher’s face or the helmet was hit first. Vogelsong’s wife later tweeted that Vogelsong will be alright, and updates will be coming soon from the Pirates.

Vogelsong’s supportive teammates who called him “Vogey” were worried about the pitcher, and showed their concern on his condition on their statements after the game, saying it’s tough to get hit on the head and that they are hoping that nothing serious comes out of the incident. The Pirates were able to win with 6-3.

Plate umpire Jeff Nelson also faced an unfortunate event and has left early in the 3rd inning of the game when Pirates’ Francisco Cervelli slid to home and got dirt in the eye of Nelson. The umpire was still able to make the right call that Cervelli was out, but decided he could not continue with the game because of his eye.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ #VotePirates


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