Warriors Andre Iguodala Jokes About San Bernardino Shooting? ‘Shoot Us & Kill Us’

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No, this isn’t about the San Bernardino shooting. It was just a product of the imaginative and creative mind of Warriors forward Andre Iguodala. His term may have offended many, but to him, it was meant as a joke and related to their winning streak.

The Golden State Warriors seem and appear unstoppable. With the current line-up of their next few games, it’s quite impossible to see them lose with Stephen Curry at the helm.

Many are asking what could be the weak spot of the Warriors which other could attack. Speculations and whatnots are circulating. But this one joke by Golden State’s Andre Iguodala did not have people laughing about it.

It was only him who laughed at his own joke. It was after the Warriors’ 114-98 win over the Brooklyn Nets when media practitioners approached the star forward for an interview. After all, they are still undefeated. Media asked Iguodala for a hint on how they’d be able to taste their first defeat this season.

And without blinking an eyelash, Iguodala volunteered, “Going to the gun range and learning how to shoot. Kill us all.”

The reporter wanted Iguodala to elaborate on the “shoot” term, but the 28-year-old Springfield,Illinois-born answered vaguely. “No, that’s the only way you gonna beat us: If you shoot us and kill(s) us and we can’t play.” Said Iguodala with conviction.

He retracted immediately and said, “That’s a joke.” But the question was reiterated anew by another reporter, and he again replied with, “No, that’s for real. I’m serious.”

He added, “I think teams just try to throw different looks at us, and we just have a very versatile group of guys, we mix up our match-ups. For every action, I think we have a reaction for it, and that will help us win.””

It wasn’t timely that he joked about shooting the team and killing them in order to beat them. The night he was interviewed was also the same night that US President Barack Obama also addressed the nation regarding the Dec 2 San Bernardino shooting incident.

The next game of the Warriors is against the Indiana Pacers at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

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