WATCH: Carlos Condit Talks About Retirement Plans

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Robbie Lawler won Saturday’s UFC 195 match against Carlos Condit following a close, split-decision.

Despite out-landing the champion, Lawler by 84 significant strikes (176 to 92) through 25 minutes, Condit still lost the fight.

And now in the wake of his loss, Condit is contemplating retirement hinting that his fight with Lawler might be his last in the Octagon, reports Fox Sports.

Condit announced his views in the post match conference. In the video he looks dejected and comes across as a man who has left nothing more to give to the sport.

“It’s not really an emotional thing. I’m not dejected. I have to evaluate but there’s a possibility that might be my last one. We’ll see,” Condit said at the post-fight press conference on Saturday night.

“I’ve been at this for a long time, over 40 professional MMA and kickboxing (fights). I came up short tonight. Tonight was kind of a do-or-die moment for my career, I feel like, and I was all in. If I got that strap, I would keep fighting. If I didn’t — like I didn’t — I’d see if I can continue to do this.”

Condit who is a former interim welterweight champion believes that he did his best to win on Saturday.

Condit was almost winning but one judge’s scorecard in one round changed the entire dynamics. Condit himself admits it that it was close enough.

“I did (think I won). It was close though,” Condit admitted according to the report. “It didn’t go my way tonight. I left it all in there. I fought my ass off. So I’m disappointed, but I’m proud of my performance.”

“Win or lose, I’m out here living my dream. I get to fight for a living and compete against the top guys in the world. I dig what I do. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose unfortunately and tonight was not my night.”

Even Dana White thought that Condit won.

“I had 3-2 on Condit. But I’m not a judge so probably nobody gives a sh** what I think,” White said in the post match conference.

He also confirmed that Lawler is ready for a rematch and will offer a rematch to Condit if he chooses not to retire.


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