WATCH: Catch The Moment LeBron James Gets Hit In The Face By A Basketball

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Oh! How the mighty have fallen.

Yes! Even a super star like LeBron James can have a bad day too and it seems the star has being getting caught offguard quite frequently in recent times. Just few weeks back the Cleveland Cavaliers star caught a lady calling him a cry baby during the Warriors and Cavaliers Christmas game. But today’s incident is epic and hilarious all the more because the attacker is his daily bread and butter object itself.

Yp you read that right!

Basketball is super star LeBron James daily bread and butter so it was quite shocking to see him lying on the court after being smashed right in the face by a basketball.

The Cavaliers forward was having his team’s warm-up before their win over the 76ers at the Wells Fargo Centre in Philadelphia on Monday when an unidentified team mate passed the ball towards James and the four-time NBA MVP failed to see a spherical threat coming towards him.


James immediately falls to the ground and can be seen laughing uncontrollably while his team mate tries hard to lift him up but can’t seem to hold back his laughter.

Yp! It is that hilarious.




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