WATCH: LeBron James catches a fan calling him a cry baby

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The NBA gave its fans the greatest gift of 2015 with back and forth matches between Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday.

However, a surprise was in stock for Cavaliers’ LeBron James too. During the second quarter of Friday evening’s marquee Christmas Day showdown, James caught a lady calling him a cry baby.

Yes, you read it correct.

James is arguably one of the best NBA players but for one Golden State Warriors fan he is no more than a cry baby. However, the fan too seems to have been caught by surprise when she appeared to make a hand gesture to call LeBron James a cry baby and to her awe and shock, James caught her in the act.

The lady was seen gesturing to her friend when James caught her. Embarrassed and shocked, the lady immediately stopped her antics and changed her posture. Her facial features seemed to reveal her embarrassment at having been caught in the act by the man himself.

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James caught the Warriors’ fan calling him a cry baby

The Golden State Warriors fan however had the last laugh as Warriors defeated Cleveland Cavaliers 89-83 and moved to 28-1 on the season by winning 32nd straight regular-season home game . The Warriors have also taken their home record to 14-0.

In what is seen as a rematch of the 2015 NBA finals, LeBrown James missed quite a free throws managing to score 25 points.

Warriors’ Draymond Green had 22 points and 15 rebounds.

Warriors’ Curry who added 19 points said: “It’s good to have one of those every so often. If our defence shows up, we’re in pretty good shape to win games. We just show our versatility and try to win different ways,” reports Sports Illustrated.

According to the report, Warriors center Andrew Bogut said after the game: “Tonight our defence was absolutely unbelievable for all 48 minutes. To keep them to the 80s, they never really got in a flow where they could really attack us.”

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