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WATCH: Sheridan High School student section ‘gives birth’ on the sidelines

Sheridan High School’s student section, The Red Regiment, took an unusual step to distract free throw shooters from making their shots.

In varsity sports, students will come up with almost anything just to distract an opposing team from scoring on their basket: yell “defense” to pump up their team, scream and shout at the top of their lungs, or wave banners and flags just to distract their opponent. But those cliché techniques no longer work for Sheridan High School in Thornville, Ohio.

The Red Regiment student section took their distraction techniques to a whole new level: they used one member of The Red Regimen to pretend to give birth to another student while an opponent attempted a foul shot during their game against Tri-Valley.

Here’s a look at Sheridan High School’s crazy sketch, courtesy of Storied Rivals on Twitter:

The ploy worked, which probably left the free throw shooter way too uncomfortable to even attempt another foul shot for the rest of the match.

This wasn’t the first time that The Red Regiment made such techniques, as one of their own did “free throw squats” to distract an opposing team’s shooter, but to no avail:

The Red Regiment has a reputation in their school as an over-the-top crew, especially with two of their latest acts taking the attention of various media outlets – including SB Nation, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated. As a result, The Red Regiment is now having a tough time topping their feat:

Following their recent over-the-top act, we at SportsRageous now fear for the next act The Red Regiment is planning against the players of Crooksville.

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