Wayne Rooney calls for a “show of togetherness”

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Ahead of England’s match with France at Wembley on Tuesday, Wayne Rooney has asked for a “show of togetherness” in the aftermath of Paris terror attacks.

Speaking alongside England manager Roy Hodgson at a press conference on Monday, the England captain admitted that he was shocked to watch the horrifying events in Paris on television but insists: “I’m happy the game’s on. It shows France wants to show these terrorists they’re standing strong against them, and we have to support that.

‘Tomorrow will be a great night of togetherness for everyone to see, for the terrorists to see the world will go on and stand against them.’

About the tragic events in Paris, Rooney said, “The first I saw of it was on social media. Possible grenades outside the stadium. That was all we knew until we got to the hotel and saw it on the news. It was shocking. There were friends there, and it could have happened to them.”

“We had a few news channels on. To be honest, it was hard to watch. I watched for about an hour and then went to sleep. It was sickening.”

England manager Roy Hodgson insisted that Tuesday’s match would not be a “normal game of football” but a united show against terrorism.

“A lot of the focus will not be the football match itself. It’ll be the occasion, the importance of everybody in the world showing we are not going to let the terrorists win,” said Hodgson.

“We hope the ceremonies will be respected. If there’s one thing that I truly wish for is that we show the respect I’d expect every single Englishman to show.”

FA chief executive Martin Glenn confirmed that there would be added security at the game. Both teams will be presented to the Duke of Cambridge, who is also the FA president, before the match. The captains will lay floral tributes and players will wear black armbands and fans will be encouraged to sing along with the French national anthem, the Marseillaise before the beginning of the match.



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