Apple Watch series comparison: Apple Watch Series 1 far better and cheaper than Series 2

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Apple Watch Series 1 far better and cheaper than Series 2?
Though many see Apple Watch Series 2 as a lifestyle statement, its Series 1 may look identical with the latter but much cheaper.

Buying a smart watch would sometimes boil down to efficiency and price which Apple Watch has done with their Series 1 and 2 brands. Though many see Series 2 as a lifestyle statement, Series 1 looks identical with the latter but much cheaper.

According to Yahoo News, the flagship watch of the two is Series 2 but it seems that the Apple is also offering an alternative with the recent introduction of Series 1. Apple Watch Series 1, like the flagship watch, also comes with a faster processor with its price starting at $270.

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Though Apple no longer sells Series 1, interested buyers could browse Best Buy and select from a variety of retail items on sale. But if gadget freaks want to spend more for added features then Series 2 could be the slick thing starting at $350.

With the latest Apple Watch, it has a dual-core processor that speeds up performance including application downloads. It is also water-resistant and stylish in its design without having to worry about the world looking over your wrist.

The Indian Express reports that with its fast processor it could check your daily activities and ahead of one’s notifications. Series 2 helps users to do away with multiple swipes to land on a specific application, unlike the others that get you in a maze.

Series 2 also has a GPS that helps you find places even without your phone but the watch phone has a setback when it comes to battery life. You still need to charge it for 90 minutes to avoid issues once you get low on battery life.

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When Apple released Series 2 it promised to get over the woes of their first-hand generation of the smart watch. Though the slight difference Apple is just trying to answer their client’s need. That is improving its capabilities that would suit the user’s needs and an easy way getting through certain applications.

Performance upgrades are always a welcome development when it comes to gadgets and users might want to take a second look on Series 1. Before deciding to go and make a lifestyle statement with Series 2.

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